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We often offer horses for sale for various reasons including:

*The horse is a show horse that no longer fits the needs of the riders at our farm.

*The horse did not fit our program, but it may yours!

*We need you lower the number of horses we have for the winter slow season.

*We feel for this particular horse's well-being would fit with a family rather than with a company where they live in a communal environment.

*We have an older horse ready to retire from one of our programs, and we feel they deserve their own family!

***This list is ever changing and we disclose 1oo% all information about the horse, we would rather the horse stay with us than go somewhere they will be resold from!



Unless otherwise arranged (in writing), all horses require a $500.00 NONREFUNDABLE deposit to be held for 7 days without boarding charge.


This is NONREFUNDABLE     for ANY reason as while we are holding the horse for you, we are turning away numerous other people looking to get them!


If you decide (for ANY reason) that the horse is not what you are looking for, the deposit is still NONREFUNDABLE.

We will however transfer your deposit to another horse WITHIN 7 days. After the 7 days, your deposit is no longer transferable. 

**DEPOSITS ARE TRANSFERABLE BUT THEY ARE NOT REFUNDABLE, for ANY reason, please only place a deposit on a horse you intend to buy***

**Any horse sold and picked up can be....  

-RETURNED within 7 days, as long as they are returned in the same condition(mental and physical)with reason. A full refund (minus commissions/delivery fees/deposit) will be given.

- EXCHANGED for another horse of equal value, within 14 days, as long as original horse is returned in the same condition it was sold (mental/physical) and with reason.

New horse delivery fee must be paid by buyer to switch horses out if transport is needed.

NO REFUNDS of any kind will occur after 7 days

NO EXCHANGES of any kind will occur after 14 days.

NO EXCEPTIONS, as at these times all commissions have been paid and fair opportunity has been given for the horse to have been evaluated by the buyer.

List of items for sale

*8 horses

*1 trailer

*1 commercial inflatable bouncy houses

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