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Horseback Rides on the Beach

Come join us on a majestic horseback trail ride through the Maritime Forest. See the salt marsh and come out on the beautiful Driftwood Beach. Gentle, well-trained horses, and experienced guides ensure a fun-filled ride for each guest. YOU MUST BE 5 YEARS OLD TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS BEACH RIDE NO EXCEPTIONS. WE HAVE A 24 HOUR CANCELATION POLICY!

All of our rides depart from the trail head on Jekyll Island located at 6 Clam Creek Rd. All Rides do go on the beach. The minimum age to ride is 5 years old and the average ride size is 6, however groups of 20 or more are possible. All prices are per horse, 1 rider per horse. Discounts available for groups of 10 or more.  All Public rides are WALK ONLY on a perfect horse picked just for you out of our group of horses. Private riders are able to trot and canter to the level of their ability. A 10% service charge is added to all rides.

WE ARE OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK, 365 DAYS A YEAR and give our BEST to never turn anyone away!

(Booking availability depends largely upon weather, tide levels and heat index)

1 Hour
Beach Ride

Public Group Ride         $68


Private Ride                  $128

Plus Tax


1.5 Hour

On Blythe Island ONLY

Public Ride                  $78

Private Ride                    $165

Plus Tax

1 Hour
Sunset Beach Ride

Public Group Ride         $88


Private Ride                   $158

Plus Tax

1.5 Hour
Sunset Beach Ride

 Private Ride                  $195

3 Hour
Forest Ride

 Private Ride                 $395

Blythe Island only

Plus Tax

1 Hour 
Moonlight Ride

Public Group Ride      $113 

Jekyll Island only

Private Ride                $183

Plus Tax


All riders - must sign a Rlease of Liability Form Prior to Riding.

We HIGHLY recommend all riders to wear a safety helmet regardless of what rides you are on.

A fall from a horse standing still or walking could result in injury or death.


Golden Isles Carriage and Trail does not impose a weight limit on riders. We have horses of all sizes corresponding to the weight/height of our guests. We require, however, that all riders are capable of mounting their horse with the help of our mounting blocks.

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