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Meet the Staff


Three Oaks Farm runs safely and efficiently due to our wonderfull and talented staff who have a love for horses, and a desire to share that love with those around them.

Tommie Crum


Meet Tommie.

Owner and Operator of Golden Isles Carriage and Trail Certified Riding Instructor.

Tommie has been raised around horses her whole life. She makes learning about horses and the farm very fun!

Tommie has ridden 100's of horses in various disciplines, she is happy to share with anyone wanting to learn and listen. Tommie handles all emergencys and logistics for the farm!

Shallen Crum



Sue Lynn


Meet Sue Lynn. She is a lifelong native of Brunswick and has worked with horses her whole life. Sue Lynn is our Operations Forman and Programs Manager. She covers many roles in our company from as back up...... Trail Guide, Wedding Carriage Driver, Camp Counselor, and even teaches Barrel Racing Lessons.

Miss Sue Lynn takes children to different shows and teaches loves working with Jekyll Island Vacationers!



scott trimed.jfif


Scott is our Faithfull Event Director and Photography Manager who is here to answer any and all of your questions on those beautiful beach rides.  Scott enjoys meeting people at our various off-site events and loves traveling on trips to pick up the Amish horses and horses returning from horse shows, Scott has worked for Three Oaks Farm as a photographer, giving lessons, Transporting animals, as a trail guide, and as a carriage driver. Thank you Scott for all that you do!!!



fran crum.jfif
Mrs. Fran Crum


Mrs. Fran is our securities Manager! she is vital to the secure operation of this company; she watches over 27 video cameras from the North Farmhouse on a daily basis and reports concerning activity to the grounds security staff, whom she manages. THANK YOU "Mrs. Fran" for keeping the employees, animals and guests of Three Oaks Farm safe at all of our locations!! 



jenifer trimed.jfif


Jenifer is Three Oaks Farm's Horse Health and Trail Director. She can sniff out a good trail, lesson, or carriage horse 2000 miles away!
Jennifer always has the horse's best interest at heart and works hard to keep our old partners feeling the most youthful that they can! Thanks Jennifer!


Shallen is our priceless Business Operations Manager! Shallen handles reservations, scheduling challenges, keeps the company's finances in order, and makes sure all new employees have gone through the proper training process before starting work; We are so thankful for her!!!

Mr. Lloyd


Mr. Lloyd is our Project and Facilities Manager. If Bob the Builder was a real man, his name would be Mr. Lloyd Crum! Mr. Lloyd makes the magic happen at all of the farms and has been instrumental to the physical development of the Farm locations. He has blessed the company with a beautiful Wrangler Bunkhouse, Bathhouse, multiple new barns, Shoeing Stocks and a refurbished turn-of-the-century Farmhouse! He also repairs our Carriages! Thank you "Mr. Lloyd"

Colt Hartt.JPG

Colt ".45" Hartt

  • Colt is our Wrangler Manager, He has the task of assessing horses 

  • as needed and working them until they are able to be in our program!

  •  Jr., High School, College and Professional Rodeo Contestant. 

  • Currently a Full Time Rodeo Clown/Barrel-man who has competed in Team Roping and Calf Roping;  He is an IPRA member.

  • 2019 SRA-SPRF Barrel-man of the year.    


  • AND he is a US Navy Veteran!! THANK you Colt for your Service!

Instagram : Colt Hartt

Snapchat: Coltay45
Facebook: Colt .45 Rodeo Entertainment

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